City of Toledo begins 36-hour work week

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This change to a 36-hour work week takes effect March 20 for all exempt employees. Basically, that means employees are not in unions. Mayor Finkbeiner says the move should save $500,000.

The employee's paychecks will go down, but they'll keep benefits. Mayor Finkbeiner says it was done to avoid laying off employees.

A press release from the City of Toledo

In the interest of balancing the City of Toledo's budget, beginning Friday, March 20, all exempt employees will drop to a 36-hour work week. This reduced schedule amounts to a 10% salary cut, and will save the City's General Fund $500,000 for the remainder of 2009. Approximately 100 General Fund employees will be affected by the reduced work schedule. Each Department director will be responsible for creating a 36-hour schedule for their employees to ensure City services are not affected by this change.

Today, Mayor Finkbeiner released the following statement: "These economically challenging times require all of us to make sacrifices. The City of Toledo's exempt employees understand the severity of our budget crisis, and I thank them for their cooperation. All City of Toledo employees must know we have but two choices -- each person sacrifice a bit, so that most of our employees are able to continue to work, or lay-off a significant number of employees. I urge that there be modest sacrifices across the board, so that we are not forced to make significant additional personnel cuts."