Cheaper cell phone plans

By Lauren Lowrey - bio | email 

(WTOL) - When you're trying to meet your budget, even your wireless plan is on the chopping block. So how can you save money and still keep your cell? Try pre-paid.

Cell, mobile, wireless device -- the names are different, but the cost is the same. That is, until now.

Doug Kreinbrink owns a discount cellular store in Toledo. He says 2-year contracts and overage charges are being quickly replaced by cheaper plans offering unlimited minutes for one low cost and no surprises. "Because of the unlimited plans coming out on pre-paid, its blown up. I took every contract carrier that I ever sold and I put them out of the store. All I sell now is pre-paid. It's that good."

Traditionally, you use your cell phone for a month, then you're billed for it.

Pre-paid phones require you to pay one fee, up front. Ten, there are no overages, no unexpected charges and the cost is considerably lower.

The two most popular pre-paids right now are Boost (which also includes web access) and Revol. Both offer an unlimited talk and text plan for right at $50.

One customer told us, "I use my phone a lot. I've always gone over my minutes, and with Revol, it's unlimited $47 a month - unlimited everything, so it's a really good deal."