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Foreclosures leaving many local pets homeless

News 11's Erica Shaffer with Rocky (left) and Oreo (right). News 11's Erica Shaffer with Rocky (left) and Oreo (right).

By Erica Shaffer - email

In hard times, tough decisions must be made.

"The area that we do animal intakes -- where the owner drops them off -- I call it the most emotional 100 square yards on the planet because it is really a tough place," said John Dinon with the Toledo Area Humane Society.

Many animals turned in are from families who have lost their homes and now they are losing a member of their family. For dogs like Oreo and Rocky, things haven't been easy. After an eviction, they ended up here. Now they're just looking for a home.

Oreo and Rocky are not alone. Compared to a year ago, the number of people needing to surrender their pets for economic reasons has increased by 50%. That's not the worst of it. Within the same time period, there was also a 30% increase in the number of animal cruelty cases. That was mostly people who couldn't afford to feed their pets.

Dinon says before you make a decision, look at all your options because the Humane Society has resources to help. But if you can't take care of your pet, Dinon says, "Bring him in here. We'll take good care of him, and we'll find a new home for him."

That's what the Humane Society did for Noah. Adopted from the dog warden, Noah thought he found a home for good only to find a foreclosure would bring him back in search of that perfect family.

And he found it. "We just loved Noah right away," said Jodie Hall, "He really has come in and made himself at home. He just seems like he has been there for a long time already."

It's a sad story with a happy ending that Dinon hopes will be repeated with the other animals at the Humane Society.

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