Ohio's worst speeders are in these counties

Statistical recap shows counties where most Aggressive Speeding takes place

COLUMBUS - Hamilton and Sandusky counties had the most citations for aggressive speed of 20 plus miles-per-hour over the speed limit last year according to new statistics released by the Patrol today. Troopers issued a total of 74,507 aggressive speed citations state wide last year.

Aggressive speed citations by County

The five counties with the highest number of aggressive speed citations are:

  • Hamilton County 4,797 citations
  • Sandusky County 3,111 citations
  • Franklin County 2,838 citations
  • Erie County 2,593 citations
  • Lorain County with 2,523.

Here are the numbers for the rest of our viewing area.

Lucas 1508 Sandusky 311
Fulton 1410 Ottawa 235
Wood 1006 Henry 220
Williams 902 Seneca 175
Hancock 671 Paulding 89
Defiance 475 Putnam 83
Huron 367

In addition, troopers on the Ohio Turnpike cited 13,198 motorists, accounting for 18 percent of all the aggressive speed citations state wide.

"Driving at speeds of 20 miles-per-hour over the posted speed limit are considered a dangerous form of aggressive driving," Colonel Richard H. Collins, Patrol superintendent said. "Drivers that engage in this type of perilous behavior are putting their life and others lives at risk."