Resume writing tips for tough job market

It can be hard to make yourself stand out when you're applying for work. Your resume is the first chance you have to really make a statement. Phillip Cunningham from the Greater Toledo Urban League will hold a resume writing workshop at Career Camp on April 8.

Resume Writing - This workshop will focus on the basics of resume development and how to design the right resume.

1.)    FOCUS YOUR EFFORTS - Your resume is a quick overview of how your skills and experience will best serve the employer. The key is to position your skill set so that it is beneficial to the person interviewing you.

2.)    USE KEY WORDS FROM THE JOB DESCRIPTION - Scan the job description you are applying for and use some of the key words from the position on your resume were applicable

3.)    USE CORRECT FORMAT-be professional, use plain script font on your resume. Make sure to keep your resume's length under one page (if you have less than 5 yrs experience).

3 Common Mistakes to Avoid:

1.)    Misspelled words (Spell check all resumes before they are sent off)

2.)    Keep contact information current and at the top of your resume (Make it easy for an employer to contact you)

3.)    Avoid providing False information (employers will perform background checks)

-Six 45 minute sessions (3 in the morning/ 3 in the evening)

Philip A. Cunningham
Employment Coach
Greater Toledo Urban League
701 Jefferson Ave. - Suite 201
Toledo, Ohio 43604
Office: 419-243-3343