Toledo to lay off 75 police officers

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TOLEDO (WTOL) - Mayor Finkbeiner, Chief of Staff and Safety Director Robert Reinbolt, and Chief of Police Michael Navarre held a press conference Friday afternoon to disclose details about upcoming changes to the City of Toledo's budget.

In that press conference, it was announced 75 police officers will be laid off.

More details

Here's the current breakdown on the Toledo Police Layoffs which will take effect May 1

  • 60 Patrol Officers
  • 12 Sgts.
  • 3 Lts.

The city is making these cuts because the estimated budget deficit is now $15-20 million. On Monday, the city of Toledo will file a cops grant application with the Justice Department asking for $34 million to fund 150 police positions for three years. That money will bring back the 75 laid-off police officers and hire 75 more. This is an increase over the original request the city said it would make of $3-4 million to fund 50 new police positions.

The Toledo City Council can save these police jobs by finding other areas of the budget to cut.  The two police unions -- the TPPA and the Command Officers Union -- could negotiate concessionary contracts with the city to help save jobs. Both unions are in contract talks with the city.

The Mayor also said that layoff notices will go out next week to workers in other city bargaining units. He did not specify which unions or numbers of people to be laid off.

Web Chat

News 11 held a web chat on the layoffs during our Friday evening newscasts. You can check out what the 300 participants said by scrolling down this page.