Special Coverage

  Local college coaches weigh in on NCAA’s new ruling

Starting Wednesday, August 1, a new piece of NCAA legislation will go into effect, one that takes away a student-athletes' required weekly day off.

  The path to a debt-free education? Save early and often

Day tripping: Have an adventure without busting your budget

Rents with Benefits: How to negotiate a better rent in an owner’s market

What’s safe to use for pain? Check before popping that OTC medication

Preventing A Predator: How to stop the next Larry Nassar at local schools

Pump up your savings: How gas station rewards can save you big money

Continued Coverage

  Refusing to Quit: 10 years of healing after the Bluffton bus crash

Justice for Sierah: The fight continues to keep our girls safe

Honoring Dressel: New details shared ten years after detective's death

Out of Bounds: How parents are putting their kids' games at risk

Fighting for Success: Who's the Next Robert Easter Jr.?

'The Rivalry' on WTOL loaded with exclusive Ohio State, Michigan stories

Training for Greatness: Are kids pushing too hard to be successful in sports?

Although 88 percent of college athletes were involved in multiple activities as children, there's still a push to pick a single sport. WTOL 11 investigates the physical and mental risks of sport specialization.

Road Work Ahead: How much more can drivers take?

WTOL 11 investigated why there are so many big projects at once and where the money is coming from.

  The search for answers: Who killed Nevaeh Buchanan?

In a WTOL 11 Investigation, Emily Nelson spent weeks piecing together the facts of the Nevaeh  and found there are lot more questions than answers.

Joe Stoll

  Joe Stoll is back in Toledo and co-anchor's WTOL 11 Daybreak on FOX 36 alongside Amanda Fay.

Breelynn Martin

Alexandra Montgomery

Protecting Our Water: NASA takes to the skies to help monitor upcoming algal bloom

Watch the game live here!

Watch vs. Warning: Chief Meteorologist Robert Shiels explains

What Is Call 11 for Action?

COPY-Ali Hoxie

Ali was born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Her life in journalism started when I began attending Columbia College in Chicago majoring in Broadcast Journalism.

Call 11 For Action: Sidewalk finally repaired in west Toledo neighborhood

Residents in one Toledo neighborhood are upset about a huge problem on their street: a sidewalk caving in. Neighbors say calls to the city have gone unanswered and the problem is just getting worse.

Meet our Miracle Kids: Katie

Katie's early diagnosis was strep throat, but when antibiotics didn't faze her, she was taken to a specialist. Her family then learned she had a fast-growing, but beatable, leukemia.


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EDITORIAL: Harsh punishments are necessary to stop illegal alcohol sales

Simple fines are not enough.  Underage drinking is a real problem and sometimes results in horrible outcomes.

Call 11 For Action: Headstone finally placed at loved one's grave

Two sisters from Willard are upset with a company responsible for making their father's headstone, after they say they were promised the headstone would be completed last fall, but it never happened.

Camels visit WTOL Your Day for Hump Day

Happy Hump Day!

Health and fitness apps: Is your privacy in critical condition?

While health and fitness apps on your smart phone can have some amazing benefits, we've found your privacy could be in critical condition.

Call 11 For Action: Don't let the bed bugs bite

"Don't let the bed bugs bite" became a real life expression for an area man. According to him, his used bed purchase came with an unwanted bonus, and his situation only seemed to worsen when he tried to return it.

UPDATE: New details in food stamp fraud investigation

With the number of people using food stamps on the rise, so is the potential for fraud. A Toledo business owner was just sentenced for illegally using food stamps.

FOX Investigates: Are you getting dissed on daily deals?

Many of us love those amazing daily deal offers that pop up in our inbox. But our investigation reveals some of those offers aren't working out as advertised, and complaints about major daily deal companies are piling up.

How to cash in on spring cleaning: A FOX Toledo Special Report

Before you grab the trash bin and toss what you find spring cleaning, listen up: New technology is making it easier than ever to turn your old clutter into cash.

Delete Yourself: A WTOL 11 Special Report

When we sell, throw out, or recycle old technology, many of us think we know how to remove all our personal information that's stored on them. It turns out we're wrong.

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WTOL Special Report: Sugar-free gum can be deadly for your pet

An ingredient found in many sugar-free gums could be potentially deadly to your pet.

FOX Toledo Special Report: Travel Predictions for 2013

The economy is improving, and recent conditions are reflected in the travel industry. Not only are travelers spending more, but hotels, airlines, and cruise lines are, too, as they look to capitalize on consumers' wanderlust.

WTOL Special Report: Cash Crop

It sounds like a bad joke: millions of tax dollars going into the pockets of successful business people. But it sounds even worse because many of the people who get the money say they don't need it.

Flooding Forecast – A WTOL 11 Special Report

With the welcome spring thaw that is sure to come, the fears of flood waters are also on the rise for communities that sit near the region's many rivers.

FOX Toledo Special Report: Pet med mistakes

You've heard about devastating medication errors happening with people, but pet owners listen to this: the FDA just issued a new warning because investigators are finding prescription mistakes happen with pet meds too.

Contact the three biggest Credit Reporting Agencies

Here are links to the major credit reporting agencies.  If you have a credit card or your identity stolen, you'll want to contact all three and let them know.

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Instructions for Best of the Class participants

Top graduating seniors from more than 120 area high schools will gather Monday, May 16, 2010 at Imagination Station to be honored as "The Best of the Class."

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Check out ODOT's weekly construction update

Here's ODOT's construction update that covers all the major projects in the WTOL viewing area. Please drive safely.

Dan Bumpus

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Links mentioned on Your Morning Saturday for Aug. 21

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Tara Hastings

Pythian Sisters Whitehouse Temple 312 holds fundraiser

Advance tickets are required and include a wine tasting, grazing stations, live and silent auctions, live jazz music featuring the Bob Rex Trio, and tours of the building.

Check out Julia Roberts on David Letterman

Julia reunites with her "co-star" Biff Henderson from the new Tom Hanks movie.

Check out this list of local fairs and events

We've compiled a list of some great area events. Don't forget to mark your calendars.

Springfield Local Schools back-to-school events

Here are some important dates to help Springfield staff and students with their transition back-to-school.

REPLAY: TPS Assistant Superintendent Jim Gault answers your questions

Things will be quite different at Toledo Public Schools this year. Find out about school start times, busing TPS dress code changes and more.



Links to newspapers with articles about LeBron

Here are the links mentioned on Friday's News 11 Your Morning.

Natalie Grise

2010 fireworks schedule

Click here for this year's schedule.

Give Autism the Boot! 2010 a big success

Volunteers, including Toledo's emergency personnel, collected donations at many locations around town for this CommunityTrack 11 event.

Tickets still available for Give Autism the Boot kick off event

The event takes place at Cafe Del Sol inside the downtown Toledo Crowne Plaza Hotel from 6:30 to 10:30 p.m. Thursday.

Plane Fun event underway at Toledo Metcalf Airport

Don't miss your chance to check out the C-130 Hurcules [WTOL's Joe Stoll takes a tour and goes  inside the plane] and B-25 Bomber planes on display.

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Link to the Enhanced Fujita Scale to Determine the Strength of a Tornado

The National Weather Service uses the new EF-Scale to determine the strength of a tornado.  Click here for a complete description and a link.

Links and more information on Next of Kin registry

In May 2008, Ohio became one of the first states to make a Next of Kin registration process available through the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

LIVE @ 5-6:30 - H&R Block expert to answer your tax questions

Daniel Jones from H&R Block will be here to answer all your last-minute questions.

Asian-Style Chicken And Grilled Vegetable Skewers Recipe

Click here for the recipe from Applebee's.

Test Page

Test Page

Fostoria Focus: Run the Res to honor Shiff

Jeff Shiff was a friend to all he met and a strong voice of support for the community, serving on the school board and YMCA board while also running a business in town.

BONUS--City responds to board's decision; files unfair labor practice charge with SERB

The Administration appreciates the Board's deliberation of the facts and at their recommendation has filed an Unfair Labor Practice charge with SERB for further consideration of the illegal work stoppage.

WTOL Editorial: Discipline reasonably for 'blue flu'

Blue flu was a terrible idea. However, it's also a bad idea to administer extreme disciplinary measures.