Stretching Your Dollar: You could be eligible to file your taxes for FREE

Did you know, if your household income is below a certain amount, you don't have to pay to file?

Family Focus: Dining out with kids

Whether it’s to spend quality time or there’s just no time to make dinner, many of us are dining out with our kids. But it can also be challenging and expensive.

Call 11 for Action: Local man donates roof repair to woman who was ripped off

Moore and his six-person crew took three days to complete the job, which they finished last week.

Mother burned when sippy cup exploded in her face, she says

An attorney says the company who makes the sippy cup doesn’t believe an explosion could have happened if the cup was being used properly and wants to do testing on it.

Adrian residents gather to learn more about safe drinking water

Neighbors in Adrian are fed up, saying their tap water has a funky taste and odor.

‘Is this the best a man can get?’: New Gillette ad challenges men to ‘be better’

Company officials say they have no plans to pull the ad in the face of some negative reaction.

Call 11 for Action: Trash remains on Utah Street despite charges filed

As of Wednesday, the woman who initially reported the problem is pleased, but isn’t completely satisfied.

Call 11 for Action: Man charged for illegal dumping on Utah St.

One woman says she's had enough after on-and-off dumping for the 17 years she’s lived on Utah Street in east Toledo.

Musician says local nursing home won’t pay him for performance

A musician says after performing at a local nursing home, the facility won't pay him for his services.

Toyota recalls address possible restraint, braking issues

Thursday, the auto maker recalled nearly 90,000 Land Cruisers and Lexus LX-570 vehicles from the past decade over a safety issue that involves the front passenger seat belt.

  Call 11 For Action: Parqwood Apartment residents to have hot water after weeks without

Debbie Monagan with the Lucas Metropolitan Housing Authority confirmed on Friday that the parts are in for a boiler in the Parqwood Apartment complex. Up until now, residents say they were without hot water for nearly four weeks.

The Christmas Cave is unlike any Christmas attraction around, and it’s right here in Ohio

The Christmas Cave features thousands of lights and biblical scenes illustrating the birth of Christ.

Pickles recalled across Ohio due to non-inspection

The pickles were recalled because they were produced without being inspected.

Cooking Thanksgiving dinner? Here are the 5 most forgotten ingredients

Meijer complied a list of the 5 most important forgotten items used to make Thanksgiving dinner. Check your list twice so you don't forget any of these!

Jack Daniel’s creates coffee brew that tastes like whiskey

But if you want your coffee to have a real kick, you’ll have to add the whiskey yourself.

Quaker recalls popular children’s cereal for possible Salmonella contamination

According to the Food and Drug Administration, a small quantity of Cap’n Crunch’s Peanut Butter Crunch cereal could contain Salmonella.

FDA recalls blood pressure medication due to possible risk of cancer

The FDA advises consumers to continue using the medication until their pharmacist provides a replacement or their doctor provides an alternative treatment option.

Dress up your front yard with the Hidden Valley Ranch inflatable bottle

The inflatable decoration is just one of many things you can buy from the Hidden Valley Ranch online store that was recently re-launched by the company.

Kroger warns of fake Black Friday coupon circulating

The grocer posted to Facebook recently to say a fake coupon for $200 is floating around.

Black Friday, Thanksgiving store hours, closures

Plan your Black Friday weekend now with stores that will and won't be open this year!

FDA could move e-cigs out of gas stations

The FDA is expected to announce a crackdown on e-cigarette sells to minors. They plan to limit e-cig sells to vape shops and tobacco stores.

7,100 hurricane-flooded cars are coming to Ohio to be sold: Here’s how you spot them before you buy

Soon 1,500 once flooded cars that will make their way to just Cleveland alone.

See a blue pumpkin tonight? Teal Pumpkin Project aims to accommodate children with food allergies

Tricker-or-treaters who do come across a teal pumpkin should know that, that means the house is providing treats for those with food allergies.

How to accept the largest Mega Millions jackpot

There is $1.6 billion up for the taking. The numbers have been called, did you win?If so how will you claim your money?

Body cam blast prompts NYPD recall of nearly 3,000 devices

A photo shows a police body camera that exploded inside the 121 Precinct station house on Staten Island as a patrol officer prepared to head out for the midnight shift.

Exploding toilets prompt recall of 1.4 million flushing systems

The pressure can lift the tank lid and shatter the tank, posing impact and laceration hazards to consumers and property damage, officials said. Twenty-three have been hurt so far, officials said.

Infant carriers, baby bath support seats recalled

The infant carriers pose a fall hazard, while the baby bath seats pose a drowning hazard.

Stretching Your Dollar: What can you do to repair your credit rating?

How can you repair your credit rating after the damage is done? Stretching Your Dollar takes a look at the top tips to get your credit back on its feet.

Million-dollar pledge helps expands cancer research at University of Toledo

The donation honors Hal Fetterman sister and three friends who died from pancreatic cancer.

Toledo Club gets spooky at the Second Annual Glass City Para-con

Speakers not only talked about places that are haunted, but they told event goers how they can find an item that may protect them best if they ever experience paranormal activity.

Bowling Green residents can help each other pay their utility bills

The “Muni-Pal” program is a partnership between the city of Bowling Green and the Salvation Army. It’s designed to help low-income customers from getting their utilities shut off.

Art display at the Toledo Zoo gets 'Unruly’

The “Unruly Artists” created a one-of-a-kind display. Nearly 15 adults with disabilities spent two months creating the ocean scene using several different materials from fabric, to paint, glitter, jewels and more.

Certain Jeep Wranglers recalled for crash hazard

Certain Jeep Wranglers are being recalled due to a potential crash hazard.

Heineken to introduce non-alcoholic beer in U.S.

Heineken releasing non-alcoholic beer in the United States.

TARTA proposing to end Sunday, holiday routes

TARTA representatives are saying at this point, nothing is set in stone, but many are bracing themselves now for the changes, expecting them to go through.

CBD oil, sold in stores throughout Ohio, is illegal and can carry a felony charge

CBD oil is available online, in every state and is commonly found on store shelves across Northeast Ohio; however, it's illegal and can result in a felony charge

SOUND OFF: TARTA proposing to end Sunday, holiday routes

TARTA is proposing ending Sunday and holiday bus routes.

FedEx hiring seasonal workers in Toledo

The company is hiring upwards of 800 seasonal workers at the FedEx Ground facility in Toledo.

Keep the Jail Downtown initiative likely sent to voters in special election

Lucas County Officials say they expect the Keep the Jail Downtown Toledo initiative to likely go before voters in a special election. It will not be on the ballot November 6.

Stretching Your Dollar: Traveling abroad tips

This week's Stretching Your Dollar helps you make your money go further when you are traveling abroad.

Gree recalls another 350,000 dehumidifiers

Gree Electric Appliances is recalling an additional 350,000 dehumidifiers because of a risk that they could overheat, smoke or catch fire.

Road goes decades without needed pothole repair

West State Line Road is a less traveled through street between Lewis and Telegraph. Approaching the intersection at Telegraph is where it gets treacherous.

Fremont man, scammed out of $8,000, warning others of online scammers

A Fremont man wants to warn everyone of online scammers after he was fooled into giving a fake Microsoft employee $8,000.

Call 11 For Action: Elderly Toledo woman scammed by tree removal co.

An elderly woman in Toledo contacted Call 11 For Action after she says she was scammed by a local tree removal company.

Toledo resident reaches out to Call 11 For Action after finding bed bugs at local motel

Toledo resident Shawn Sirkin reached to Call 11 for Action after she noticed bed bugs crawling on the drapes and walls at the Sunset Motel off Telegraph Road. She said when she reached out to the health department she was told they didn't have the funds to tackle the problem.

Don't Waste Your Money: Exploding iPhone chargers

A few weeks ago, Apple warned customers about counterfeit i-Phone cords and chargers. Now, some people are learning the devastating the phony chargers can have.

Call 11 for Action: Medical supply company responds to customer in need of wheelchair

The trouble McCallister is facing now is the new wheelchair is wider than the old one and can't make it through the doorways in his home. That means in order to even go to the bathroom, he must risk further injury.

Call 11 for Action: Ohio AG files lawsuit against Toledo-based gravestone company

The lawsuit accuses National Memorial Stone Company of delivering headstones with misspelled names, or never delivering headstones or gravemakers at all.

Call 11 for Action: West Toledo neighborhood dealing with rat problem

What's attracting the nasty rodents is unknown. There are not any vacant homes in the area and there is no construction happening nearby.

Call 11 for Action: How to avoid contractor rip-offs

Many consumers complain a contractor they hired to fix their home ripped them off. One Toledo family learned the hard way.

Money Talks News: Silly sales tactics

Whenever you shop, whether it's for food, clothing or just about anything else, odds are good you often spend more than you meant to.

Money Talks News: Avoiding money troubles in college

For grown adults in the workforce, keeping track of your finances is hard enough.

Money Talks News: Why it is harder to retire

Many people spend their entire adult lives preparing for retirement.

Money Talks News: Controlling financial stress

According to the American Psychological Association, money is always a top stress producer among Americans.

Money Talks News: Turning savings into investments

If you have money saved in the bank, you know how low that savings rate is. While interest rates have risen recently, they are still at a historic low. That is great news for borrowers, but not-so-great for those with savings.

Money Talks News: Working from home

We are in the midst of the Internet Age. And with that, more people are hoping to work from home. But what jobs are legitimate jobs and what jobs will you cause you to lose money.

Money Talks News: Saving money on a cruise

Going on a cruise is a popular way to spend a vacation. There's a lot of way you can have fun while going to places you have never seen before.

Call 11 for Action: Grandmother’s home threatened by neighbor’s tree

An 89-year-old woman says with her neighbor's tree hanging over her home, she doesn't feel safe.

Money Talks News: How much a ticket costs your insurance

No one likes receiving a dreaded traffic ticket. They can cost a lot in fines, traffic school and court costs. But the true killer is insurance rates.

Money Talks News: Saving on your wedding venue

Parents of married daughters know weddings are very expensive. The dress, the flowers, the food can all add hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars to your bride-to-be's perfect day.

Money Talks News: Sealing the best deal for your new home

Having the right mortgage is just as important as finding the right house.

Money Talks News: Protecting your house while on vacation

The FBI says 1.5 million burglaries happened in 2015. And with summer vacation just around the corner, there are steps to take to ensure you and your property are protected.

Money Talks News: Avoiding hotel fees

Did you notice the warmer weather this weekend? That can only mean summer is on the horizon. Now is the time to plan your summer vacation.

Money Talks News: Spring cleaning

The yearly ritual of spring cleaning is again upon us. While cleaning dust bunnies should no doubt be a priority, it is also a good time to clean out overstuffed drawers and file cabinets.

Money Talks News: Saving on entertainment

Entertainment is never in short supply. However if you pay less to keep yourself entertained, you can begin to pay off debt or increase your personal savings account.

Money Talks News: March deals and duds

Every month, Money Talks News gives you the best deals and duds out at the stores. And as spring approaches, there a plenty of good buys and bad deals for the month March.

Money Talks News: Maximizing Social Security

Social Security helps put the gold in your golden years. So if you want to maximize your Social Security, you need to begin thinking about it before your hair turns grey.

Money Talks News: Mortgage Shopping

With rates bouncing off historic lows and expected to go even higher, now may be the best time to borrow mortgage money or refinance your existing home loan.

Money Talks News: Making things last longer

Making thing you buy last longer, saves you money and can give you the feeling you pay less for the things you buy.

Money Talks News: Saving your dimes for summertime

The way to do it is to begin saving now. A few simple changed in your lifestyle and you may have an extra $1,000 or more before your vacation rolls around.

Money Talks News: February's for real deals

Every month, shoppers face deals that are for real and those that are duds. So what are the best and worst buys for February.

Don't Waste Your Money: Gift Card Caution

If you received a gift card for Christmas, make sure you use them. As much as one third of gift cards never get redeemed, which makes a fortune to the business selling them.

Don't Waste Your Money: What will cost more or less in 2017

Several prices are on the rise in 2017, but there many items dropping in prices going into the new year.

Money Talks News: Saving money for 2017

Spending money is easy, but saving it is an entirely different art. But if you'd like to end the year richer than you started it, it is doable.

Don't Waste Your Money: Store pickup option tells mom to drive 6 hours

Millions of Americans this year did their Black Friday shopping online, and then either had their purchase shipped home or to a nearby store.

Don't Waste Your Money: Buy now or in January?

We are now in the final days to finish our holiday shopping. Many of us are now trying to find the lowest price on a gift for someone special, or even for ourselves, at a pre-holiday clearance sale.

Money Talks News: Keeping your paperwork organized

Despite the digital revolution, you may still have a lot of paperwork lying around. And all that paperwork can easily have you rummaging through receipts, bills, and legal documents for hours until you find what you need. Being disorganized with your paperwork can end up costing you plenty of money.

Money Talks News: Dealing with data after death

As long as people have lived, they've been dying. And when they do, their possessions are rounded up, then divided up. But the digital age has made all of this more complicated.

Don't Waste Your Money: Social Security card caution

Websites like know that a lot of people don't want the hassle of driving downtown to the social security office, or perhaps standing in line at their local post office. So they make it easy but at a cost.

Don't Waste Your Money: Parents wait hours for Hatchimals, but are they worth it?

Is it worth your time and money to track down a Hatchimal, this season's hottest toy?

Money Talks News: Department store credit cards

When you're out doing that holiday shopping, you're not going to miss the offers for store credit cards.Whether it's a good idea depends on who you are and how you spend.

Money Talks News: December deals

Every month there are shopping deals and duds out at the stores. And every month, we turn to partner site Deal News, for the best and worst buys.

Don't Waste Your Money: Mystery shopper scam targets holiday job hunters

This is the time of year many of us are looking for part time work to help us through the holidays. But one woman almost lost $3,000 to what she thought would be a holiday season job as a mystery shopper.  And she wants others to know about her experience, so it doesn't happen to them.

Money Talks News: Managing debt quiz

From cars to homes to clothes, people love shopping. So much so, they often use debt to get it done. But are they experts in dealing with debt?

Don't Waste Your Money: Do food delivery services bring hot food fast?

New services promise gourmet meals from dozens of your favorite restaurants, in just 30 minutes in many cases.

Don't Waste Your Money: Amazon vs. Sam’s Club vs. Costco

If you want to save money on household products, the best way to do that for years was to join a warehouse club like Sam's Club or Costco.

Don't Waste Your Money: Make money on Facebook

Facebook has just launched Facebook Marketplace, a direct competitor to eBay, which lets you sell things you don't want to people in your area, and buy things they don't want.

Money Talks News: Buy in November

Every month there are shopping deals and duds out at the stores. And every month we turn to partner site Deal News for the best and worst buys.

Don't Waste Your Money: Companies hiring thousands for the holidays

Looking for some part time work, resume-building experience, or just want some extra money for the holidays? Then you may want to know about nine major companies hiring thousands of workers from now through Christmas Day.

Don't Waste Your Money: Top iPhone 7 bugs, including “connection hell”

Apple's new iPhone 7 has been out for barely a month, but already complaints are popping up about some bugs in the new phone.

BBB: Holiday shopping tips

It's the middle of October and consumers are now starting to do their Christmas shopping online. Every year Better Business Bureau gets complaints from consumers who are unhappy with the experience.

Don't Waste Your Money: Exploding Samsung washers

As if all the news about exploding Galaxy Note smartphones wasn't enough, now Samsung has another fire to put out: reports of exploding washing machines.

Reset Bar opens in Rossford

If you're looking for a fun night out, a new bar in Rossford could be the place to go. Reset Bar is officially open and over the weekend, they opened another part of their location on Crossroads Parkway.

Credit card scammer calls detective

"Most places, IRS, credit card companies, they're not going to call you directly and ask for your credit card information. If they're legitimate, they should have that."

Call 11 For Action: Debris cleaned up, getting rid of dump site in north Toledo

On Tuesday, crews were working to clean up the debris at Dexter and Elm.

Nice! Peach Slices, Mixed Fruit voluntarily recalled

A report from the Food and Drug Administration announced a company has voluntarily recalled two products due to concerns over glass.

Call 11 For Action: Church bill issue resolved with City of Toledo

Back in December, tons of trash and debris were illegally dumped in a lot owned by St. Stephen AME Church on City Park Avenue. To fix remove the garbage, the trustee called us and we were able to help the church get the area cleaned up.

Don't Waste Your Money: Crowdsourcing can pay off but keep it honest

Are you strapped for cash and don't know where to turn? Some savvy people are now turning to crowd-funding to get financial aid from the kindness of strangers. But before you follow suit, make sure you know how it works so you don't waste your money.

Don't Waste Your Money: Popular prepaid debit card causing problems

It has been a frustrating few weeks for holders of a certain prepaid debit card, which locked up and left thousands of people unable to access their paychecks.

BBB: Beware of babysitter job scams

If you're looking for a summer job as a babysitter or nanny, the Better Business Bureau has a warning for you.

Don't Waste Your Money: The real deal with certified pre-owned cars

Some people may decide to buy a car that's certified for peace of mind, but how much protection does that really offer? One man found out in his case, it wasn't much.

BBB: What you need to know about door-to-door magazine sellers

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has received reports across the country that they are knocking on doors and sometimes using dishonest and high-pressure selling tactics.

BBB: Identity thieves after your credit card security code

Identity thieves already have lots of information about you. But there is one thing they may not have: the three-digit security code on the back of your credit card.

BBB: Beware of 'too good to be true' rental ads

The poster of the ad claims to own the property but is out of town. He or she will ask you to send a deposit, possibly by Western Union, saying they will mail the keys afterward.

BBB warns of dishonest alarm system salesmen

If you have a home alarm sign in your front yard, the Better Business Bureau wants to remind you to watch out for dishonest alarm company hucksters.

BBB: Beware of more IRS scams

We have beaten the subject of the IRS robocall to death (although it is still cheating many), but there are other IRS-related scams that cheat consumers at this time of the year.

BBB: How to stop telemarketers and robocalls

Can anything be done to stop those annoying telemarketing phone calls and robocalls? The Better Business Bureau of Toledo says that's one of the most common questions they receive.

Thieves steal Turbotax number, tax refund from Toledo-area woman

Sandy Ventresca says the thieves filed a refund in her family's name using saved information Turbotax had on hand from previously filed taxes. The thieves stole more than $4,000.

BBB: Military families, service members should beware of scams

Military families are often targets of scams to steal their money. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is sharing some of the most common as a warning to everyone.

Call 11 for Action: Holland woman gets $646 back from cable company

A Holland woman was having problems with her cable service, so she contacted Call 11 for Action. She then received hundreds of dollars back, and at a crucial time.

BBB: Beware of online dating scammers

People often turn to the internet in hopes of finding romance, but dating scams are unfortunately very common. How can you tell if the person you're chatting with is just trying to scam you?

Call 11 for Action: Beware of 'federal grant' scam

Tamala Porter says she received a call from someone claiming to be from the US Federal Grant Department, saying she was selected to receive a $9,000 grant. She immediately reached out to Call 11 for Action for help.

BBB: The top 10 scams in 2014

The Better Business Bureau hears from thousands of consumers and business owners every year about a variety of scams and frauds. Many are new twists on existing scams, but scammers get more sophisticated every year in how they spoof trusted names and how they fool consumers.

Call for Action: Beware of callers claiming to be from IRS

Phones across northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan keep ringing with scammers on the other end. A common scam this time of year involves callers claiming to be from the IRS.

BBB: Avoid work as 'agent' with overseas company - it's a scam

Some ads claim companies in foreign countries are seeking to hire American agents to represent them. You only have to work a few hours a week from home and you can earn thousands of dollars. But in reality, it's a scam.

Call 11 for Action: Attorney General releases top consumer complaints of 2014

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine announced Tuesday the top 10 consumer complaint categories of 2014.

BBB: Email scam claims you won random internet lottery

A common internet scam the Better Business Bureau has been hearing from consumers about involves an internet lottery that doesn't exist.

Call 11 for Action: South Toledo street light takes 4 weeks to be replaced

It seems like a simple fix: A street light goes out, you file a report, and a crew comes to replace it. But that's not what happened when a local woman called Toledo Edison concerned for her safety.

BBB: Protect your electronics gifts this holiday season

The Better Business Bureau has a warning for anyone who received electronic gifts this Christmas: Year after year, electronics are one of the most common gifts during the holidays, and the most commonly stolen item from homes.

BBB: 'Grandparent Scam' targeting seniors again

An old scam is back and terrifying grandparents around the country. The Better Business Bureau warns thieves are targeting senior citizens who just want to protect the ones they love.


‘Empire’ actor charged with making false police report

Family pressing charges against woman for disrupting baby’s birthday photo shoot

A Houston family is pressing charges against a woman who ordered them out of a local spot during their daughter's birthday photo shoot. They say the woman harassed them and even put her hands on one of them.