SFWLC: February weigh-in results

See how the Super Fitness Weight Loss Challengers have fared!

  SFWLC Doctor’s Orders: Getting rid of bad habits for a healthy heart

Dr. Matt Roth says you need to quit some bad habits to keep your heart healthy.

SFWLC Trainer Tip - Staying motivated

Starting a new workout routine takes organization and dedication. Super Fitness trainer Stephanie Strock has a few suggestions.

SFWLC: The Total Body Challenge

We had them burning lots of calories this month, and this challenge had them working everything from head to toe.

SFWLC 2018: Trainer Tip #2: Circuit training on cardio equipment

You can get on our Super Fitness Weight Loss Challenge Home Team and get your cardio workout on fire, right out of the gate.

SFWLC: Healthy appetizers to help you celebrate through the new year

Here is just one fancy hors d’oeuvre you can whip up to keep you celebrating in Super Fitness Weight Loss style!

SFWC: Exercises to help shed some pounds over the holidays

If you need to shed a few pounds, join our Super Fitness Weight Loss Challenge Home Team! Our trainer Brian Strock gives us four exercises you can stick with.

SFWLC: Down 15 pounds or more club!

At the recent Christmas Case Challenge at Super Fitness, it was revealed that 15 challengers have lost 15 pounds OR MORE since we kicked off in October.

Super Fitness Weight Loss Challenge - Imagination Station results

Super Fitness Weight Loss Challengers took on an obstacle course at Imagination Station!

SFWLC recipe #2: Birds of a different feather for Thanksgiving

We are just days away from the Thanksgiving feast! And this can be one of the toughest holidays to stick to your diet. Walt Churchill's Market Chef Bill Kohloff has some great alternatives to that holiday bird.

ProMedica Doctor’s Orders: What to do before starting an exercise regimen

When you start an ambitious new workout routine like the Super Fitness Weight Loss Challenge at the gym -- or even if you’re working out at home -- heed the ProMedica Doctor’s Orders to start you off on the right foot.

  SFWLC 2018: Trainer Tip #1, Home Circuit Training

We are heading into the holiday season, and if you have joined our Super Fitness Weight Loss Challenge at home, then we have some workout tips for you.

SFWLC recipe #1: Broiled Fish Fillets

Joining the Super Fitness Weight Loss Challenge team this year is Walt Churchill's Market. Chef Bill Kolhoff teaches Challenge Host Kelly Heidbreder how to make a light meal with fish and scallops.

It’s a party! Super Fitness Weight Loss Challenge 2018 kicks off

On Tuesday, last year’s SFWLC champ, Neil Heiden, pledged that he is going to help this year’s group to lose more total weight than any previous Super Fitness Weight Loss Challenge group!

Super Fitness Weight Loss Challenge encourages healthy lifestyle

Watch as Brian Strock explains how to get involved in this year's Super Fitness Weight Loss Challenge.

Super Fitness Weight Loss Challenge Calendar

It’s the 12th consecutive year for the Super Fitness Weight Loss Challenge, and the second season on WTOL 11! Here are the important dates for this year’s Super Fitness Weight Loss Challenge:

SFWLC: Extra Credit Workout schedule

Always wear your Super Fitness Weight Loss Challenge shirt to the workout and check in at the front desk to be sure you get your extra credit points.

Super Fitness Weight Loss Challenge 101 - Kelly answers your questions!

Kelly Heidbreder conducts SFWLC 101 on Facebook Live! Learn about registration with Kelly!

Super Fitness Weight Loss Challenge guidelines 2018-19

GUIDELINES CONTESTANTS - Contestants must be 18 years old to compete. The pre-registration fee to participate is a $30 donation to Muscular Dystrophy / ALS Augie’s Quest that will be paid at Super Fitness on or before October 23, 2018. Registration fee for the day of the Kick Off, October 23, 2018 is $35, donation to Muscular Dystrophy/ALS Augie’s Quest, paid at Super Fitness. TIMETABLE - October is Signup Month. Contestants must sign up before October 23, 8pm. This is t...

SFWC Talent Release Form 2018-19

TALENT RELEASE FORM I acknowledge that you are the sole owner of all rights in and to the recordings you have obtained in the activity described above for all purposes including but not restricted to commercials and/or editorial, and that you have the right to broadcast, publish or otherwise distribute this material, or any portion thereof, one or more times. I understand that we will receive no compensation for my appearance on and participation in the recordings made during...