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  Grieving through the holidays

The holidays are about spending time with family and enjoying the company of loved ones, but for those who are grieving, the season may be anything but merry.

Group demands justice for 3-year-old who was shot and killed Thanksgiving Day

Reporting suspicious online activity can help investigators keep you and the community safe

Buffalo Soldiers deliver toys at YMCA for Christmas

Holidays can be difficult for those struggling with addiction

Dollar General aims to offer customers healthier food options

Family Focus: Managing Holiday Stress

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One parent encouraged Rossford Schools to launch anonymous bullying report

Sylvania mom says son should have received painkillers following surgery

Wood County Health Department almost ready to begin offering dental care services

Toledo Lucas County Health Department screening Infant Mortality Documentary

Family Focus: Local district goes on offense to prevent drivers from buzzing past school buses

Margaret Hunt Senior Center offers Thanksgiving meal, comradery for the holiday

  Brothers United helps men tackle the challenges of fatherhood, together

For 24 days, participants meet to learn and develop co-parenting skills. Fathers then take what they have learned in the classroom back to their homes.

Experts warn against kids wearing bulky coats in car seats

Experts say a thin coat or a fleece is ok, because the fabric doesn’t compress. If a bulky coat is needed, It's recommended to bundle up the kids to walk them from the house to the car and then take the coats off inside the car.

Car seats and winter coats: a dangerous combination

According to Consumer Reports, winter coats can cause the harness of the car seat to be too loose, thus rendering it ineffective in a car crash.

Family Focus: How to budget for kids who still live at home

Merrill Lynch did a study that shows parents spend $500 billion a year supporting their kids, ages 18 to 34.

KeyBank donates $500K to Ebeid Neighborhood Promise

Dangers of carbon monoxide should be high on your list for family safety

Sylvania votes on school safety levy

JCPenney invites kids, families to free Nickelodeon event

Family Focus: Standardized tests

Experts: Could be close to RSV vaccine

  East Toledo Restaurant vows to stay open following namesake’s passing

Tom’s family wants everyone who’s reached out to them for the past day to know; the restaurant isn’t going anywhere.

See a blue pumpkin tonight? Teal Pumpkin Project aims to accommodate children with food allergies

Tricker-or-treaters who do come across a teal pumpkin should know that, that means the house is providing treats for those with food allergies.

Local parents check sex offender list before trick or treating

We’re days away from Halloween and now’s the time some parents are starting to plan where they want to take kids trick or treating.

2,400 nurses, support staff at St. Vincent’s Hospital considering strike

Around 2,400 nurses and support staff hope to send a message to Mercy Health that they’re frustrated.

Curry powder recalled due to possible lead contamination

The recall came as the result of an investigation into the elevated blood lead levels of a Michigan child, possibly linked to household spices.

Patients with arthritis may start looking to their own bodies for healing

Nearly 9 out of 10 individuals suffering from at least one episode of debilitating chronic pain could soon be seeking out ways to heal better and faster.

  WTOL 11 wants to thank you northwest Ohio

There is a big thank you in order to the northwest Ohio community for making WTOL 11 and Impact with Hope’s “Sending Hope” drive, a major success.

Family Focus: What parents need to know about RSV

As cold and flu season ramps up, there’s another virus that you need to know about, especially if you have young children. It’s called RSV, Respiratory Syncytial Virus.

Facing expensive prescription costs? One website shows different prices in various pharmacies

To Melisa’s surprise, she discovered she could fill her prescriptions at Costco for just $38 versus the hundreds she was originally told at a different pharmacy.

Toledo Safe Routes to School offers advice for getting to and from school

Following the death of a high school student on his way to school, Tuesday morning, WTOL 11 spokee with the experts on keeping our kids safe.

Doctors see large spike in head lice around Halloween

Doctors say trying on hats, wigs and masks without knowing who had them on before you can be a major risk. But Halloween stores are not the only concern.

New youth center in Fremont named after 14-year-old gun violence victim

The Jaylan Brock Triumph Youth Center will host Fremont teens once a week, offering lessons, games and prizes for attendance. The goal is to offer teens positive alternatives to being on the street and getting in trouble.

Family Focus: A look into why fewer children are getting vaccinated

Why fewer children are getting vaccinated.

Infant carriers, baby bath support seats recalled

The infant carriers pose a fall hazard, while the baby bath seats pose a drowning hazard.

How to keep meds out of the hands of your children

Safe Kids Worldwide has conducted new research with the specific steps you should be taking to prevent your kids from ingesting something dangerous.

Officials: Liberty Center HS is safe, despite rumors of seizure outbreak

-Over the last few days, parents reached out to WTOL 11 with reports that there was an outbreak among students having seizures at Liberty Center High School. But principal Larry Black and Henry County Health Commissioner Mark Adams said there’s nothing in the school to worry about.

Springfield Schools hosts safety forum for parents

Springfield Schools hosted a Safety Forum specifically for parents Thursday night so they can find out first-hand, how the school plans to keep students safe in an emergency.

FDA: Vaping is now epidemic among children, teens

Parents are concerned with the increase in the number of kids who are using e-cigs. The devices can have sneaky designs that resemble highlighters and USB devices, and that makes it easier to hide the habit

Lake Local Schools speaking out on mental health

Lake Local Schools is stepping up and speaking out about the topic on the world mental health awareness day. It's a discussion school leaders say we need to have, one they were brave enough to tackle together.

Ohio family continues to grow together amid 2-year-old’s battle with brain cancer

It's difficult for any mother to see their child sick. But for one family, a seemingly innocent illness turned into a toddler's battle with brain cancer.

How to talk to your kids about sexual abuse

Parenting magazine has suggestions on what to say to our kids and how to educate them about protecting themselves.

Family Focus: Parents need to take care of themselves

You may have to set limits on the amount of extracurriculars your kids take on and always remember, if you focus on delivering the basics for your kids, they'll love you no matter what.

  Family Focus: Just how much time are kids getting for lunch at school?

For students, it's their time to re-energize and socialize -- the lunch hour -- but it's far from an hour.  Becky Morris, mom to a Perrysburg elementary student, wonders just how much time her daughter has to eat.  "When I pack her lunches, it will literally be a sandwich, a fruit, a yogurt, chips and she's always coming home with food because she says she doesn't have enough time," Morris said. "And then by the time she com...

Family Focus: Pediatrician weighs in on chiropractic care for babies

Parents, if you've been through sleepless night after sleepless night, you're probably looking for anything that can help a baby with colic or reflux. You may even call out to your friends on social media asking for help and you may have been surprised to see people swearing by a chiropractor to make their babies happy. Little Tessa Kate is about 8 weeks old. She had her first chiropractic adjustment when she was a week and a half. "When you're desperate for sleep, you'll try a...