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UT and Owens make affording college easier

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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - For thousands of students in Ohio's largest school districts, affording college could be getting a little easier.

Wednesday morning, the University of Toledo and Owens Community College started a new campaign to visit each of the nine TPS high schools. They're educating students on how to go to school for free. They hope a helping hand pushes students further in their education.

"I'm gonna go to college. I'm just not exactly sure of which college to go to," says Bowsher High School Senior Michael Pinkelman.

University of Toledo and Owens officials are hoping their new programs help make the decision.

Between the UT guarantee and the Owens Success Program, the two schools will help TPS  students go to college for free. The first step is showing them how to do it.

"We're visiting UT, and seeing what it's like I guess," says Bowsher High School Senior Candace Ruiz.

John Foley, superintendent of Toledo Public Schools, says students are taking buses to UT. "They're gonna meet with counselors there, they're gonna take a tour of the campus, and really get them energized about the opportunity."

One way to get the students excited is to give away prizes.

"When they fill out the FAFSA and complete the graduation requirements, they can get a full ride to Owens for 2 years, or with a 3.0 grade point average to the University of Toledo for 4 years, so it's a great opportunity."

Foley says the real winners are the ones who take advantage of a free education. 

"We want to start early letting kids know that college is a possibility and through the help of UT, through their foundation and the Owens foundation, the message is pretty clear, you can go to college if you graduate from Toledo Public Schools."


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