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Sell your plasma for extra holiday cash

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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - As times get tough, people are turning to non-conventional ways to make ends meet. For hundreds of Toledo residents, some extra cash is as simple as spending an hour in the doctor's chair.

If you can stand needles, try donating plasma. There's a new company near downtown Toledo that pays you for it.

"It's $70 a week but we also throw in bonuses every now and then. If you bring a friend in, you get an addition $10 bonus. After your 5th donation, $10 bonus; after your 7th donation, a $20 bonus," says Talecris Plasma Center Manager Andrew Oliver.

They're paying you for components in your blood used to make life-saving vaccines and prescriptions. More than 500 people in our area visit the facility every week to do it.

Fred Sherman is only one of 50,000 donors expected to come into this facility, this year. Twice a week, he comes in and is screened. Then some high-tech machines draw out his blood and separate the plasma from the cellular components, putting the blood back into his body.

After more than 5 years of donating, he says his motive has changed.

"I have to be honest, I needed the money, but once I started donating I realized it was helping a lot of people," says donor Fred Sherman. 

"It helps donors out in their time of need. Whatever that reason may be. A couple of extra dollars for an hours worth of watching the television. It's a good thing. A good thing, especially in this economy," says Talecris Lead Phlebotomist Willie Hunt.

A few extra dollars to help you through the holidays.

Talecris Plasma Resources in Toledo.
625 Dorr Street NE
Toledo, 46302
(419) 244-3910
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