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Consumers want fix when a company missteps

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BOLWING GREEN, OH (WTOL) - When an industry goes through a crisis, much like the recalls that have plagued the auto industry over the past few months, how does the business come out of the mess?

A marketing expert says when a company or an industry has a misstep, consumers want a quick fix; in this case, recalls.

"We would like assurances that problems are going to be fixed," Marketing Prof. Dwayne Gremler of Bowling Green State University said. "We would like to think that 100 percent of the time the company gives us what they promised, but we realize that doesn't happen."

Gremler says a good example of that is the world tour of Toyota's CEO assuring everyone, even congress, that Toyota is fixing the problem and that the company is sorry for the trouble.

Gremler says over time, companies that stand up, take blame, and fix problems, will most often regain public trust.

"I think in time, in general, we tend to forgive and forget," Gremler said. "We see this in sports time and time again. The figure that lets us down and in time he returns to glory."

Gremler and others News 11 talked to agree, thinking that a lot of what's happening is hype ... and it will pass.

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