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Toledo cops plead no contest to drug and alcohol charges

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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Four Toledo police officers will be off the job for the next few months after they pleaded no contest to internal drug and alcohol charges Monday.

Two of the officers were accused of driving their cruisers while intoxicated and another two tested positive for marijuana.

The chief said if the officers did not agree to the plea deal, then they would have been terminated.

Officers James Breier and Donald Mitchell faced a judge for their OVI charges last week on charges of operating their cruisers without a license. But Monday, they pled to internal charges of use of intoxicants and conduct unbecoming an officer.

Officers Karon Gallup and Curtis Jewell tested positive for drugs during a random drug test last month and pled no contest to abuse of narcotics drugs and also conduct unbecoming an officer.

The four officers will be suspended for 90 days without pay and must undergo counseling and be subject to random drug or alcohol testing for four and a half months. They will be under restricted duty, which means they won't be back on the street until the police chief reassigns them. Any violation will result in termination.

"These are four good officers who made a very serious mistake.  Because of their actions, they're paying a very steep price," said Toledo Police Chief Mike Navarre.

The officers cannot appeal the plea deal and Chief Navarre says he hopes this sends a message to the rest of the department.

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