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Need a job? New Ohio jobs database

Job hunters at the Source in Toledo. Job hunters at the Source in Toledo.

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LUCAS COUNTY (WTOL) - More than 18,000 people are receiving unemployment benefits in Lucas County.

That doesn't include the people who have already exhausted all their unemployment, or even the people who were laid off and have since taken an hourly job to make a few bucks.

At The Source in Toledo, we talked with people, young and old, needing a job. Some people have been unemployed for several months. Others we spoke with need to take on a second job to make things work.

They're using the state's new database called to apply for the more than 4,000 jobs available in Toledo.

So, the issue isn't whether there are jobs open, it's whether you have the skills to do them. For people who have made a career in one industry, that can be tough.

We talked with a workforce development manager at The Source about what industries will be profitable for this area in the future. He said the focus is on healthcare, the service industry, and the trucking industry.

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