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Digital Mammography available at ProMedica Health System
Providing Technologically Advanced Care for Women

ProMedica Health System is steadfast in our dedication to women's health and the early detection of breast cancer. Because of this, we are providing digital mammography in every region we serve by early 2008.

As a leader in diagnostic imaging, ProMedica joins premiere breast imaging centers in the nation in adopting this digital mammography technology. This early-detection investment will improve the quality and accuracy of breast cancer screenings. Digital mammography offers more accurate results for most women including those under 50 and women with dense breast tissue. In addition, digital technology offers reduced exam times and are less uncomfortable.

Why should you ask your physician for a digital mammogram?

Because this early-detection tool improves the quality and accuracy of mammograms for most women.

Unlike traditional film mammograms, the radiologist can manipulate the image to better see abnormalities. And with digital, your mammogram can easily be shared among experts for additional opinions.

Best of all, the digital technology makes the exam shorter and less uncomfortable!

Remember, when your physician tells you it's time for a mammogram, ask about the benefits of digital mammography.

The highly experienced, caring staff at ProMedica Central Scheduling can schedule your mammogram appointment. Just call us at 419-291-3000 or 800-479-8805.


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In February 2007, ProMedica Cancer Institute publicly announced a $42 million commitment to cancer care that will significantly enhance cancer treatment and research options for residents of northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan.
As one of the nation’s most integrated health care systems, ProMedica Health System is committed to providing the highest level of patient care in the area of oncology services.
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