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  • From Tragedy to Triumph: News 11's Bridge SpecialFrom Tragedy to Triumph: News 11's Bridge SpecialMore>>

  • From Tragedy to Triumph

    From Tragedy to Triumph

    After four-and-a-half years spanning the gulf between north and east Toledo, the last pieces of the puzzle are lifted into place.  It's a process that's been repeated more than 3,000 times over the years with astonishing precision, the two sides inching slowly together until this moment.More >>
  • The Tour

    The Tour

    What we're able to take you along for is something that can never be repeated with the bridge open.  It's a once-in-a-lifetime perspective, because once the cars start moving, the only view will be at traffic speed.More >>
  • Architecture as Art

    Architecture as Art

    Thoughout history, architecture and art have gone hand in hand, but rarely as dramatically as it has here.More >>
  • Tragedy


    In the first few years of the construction of the Veterans' Glass City Skyway, everyone involved in the project was rightfully proud of the project's safety record.  It was a remarkable accomplishment, but on a cold winter's day in February of 2004, all of that would come to a crashing end.  More >>
  • The Lights

    The Lights

    From here you get a feel for just how majestic, graceful and downright huge it is.  And how necessary it is.More >>
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