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AW Schools to include tax on Nov. ballot

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MONCLOVA TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WTOL) - A new tactic by leaders in the Anthony Wayne School District to get much needed funding. Last week voters rejected one of two property tax levies. They're now facing one that affects their paycheck. It would cost someone making $50,000 an additional $250 a year.

Last Tuesday's special election convinced the school board that a new strategy was needed. And Monday afternoon they voted unanimously to put an income tax levy on the November ballot, one half a percent each year for the next five years.

"They've asked 3 times to raise property tax and we've been told no three times. And so I think it shows a willingness on the part of the board to try something different," says Anthony Wayne Superintendent  Dr. John Granger.

The shift on the tax burden is meeting with mixed reactions in the district. Anyone not bringing in an income, for example, like retiree Nelson Hugill would not have to pay.

"Not just the property owners but renters and all. Whereas the other one hit property owners only," says Hugill. 

"Actually I think it would be a fairer thing for the senior people that are retired... It would put that extra burden on the people that still have kids in the school," Ray Musser. 

Deb Kuck is one of many parents who wants to see school programs continue. She's more hopeful now.

"That might work, it's worth a try. I think it's a situation that we're in that we have to face another levy and see how it goes from there," says Deb Kuck who supports the new levy. 

Others like Kirk Rumsey aren't so sure things will be different on the next election day.

"Oh I'd say it's about the same. I think it's going to be a jump ball, it will be a close one."

The school board will have to pass a second reading on August 19 to make the new levy official. But Monday's unanimous vote likely makes that a done deal.

The Anthony Wayne School Board of Education has voted to include a 1/2 percent income tax on the November ballot to make up for money lost by the property levy that failed last week.

The vote was unanimous.

The tax would carry a 5-year term.

The board also voted not to fill 18 teaching vacancies.

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