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Missing Girl

EAST TOLEDO -- An east-side family says they haven't heard from their 14-year-old daughter in more than two weeks.  The family of Tiffany Marie Robazkiewicz says she has been missing since September 20th. Her mother says Tiffany's friends say the Waite High School freshman left class to buy a bag of pot and was last seen with the drug getting aboard a TARTA bus in West Toledo, and she hasn't been seen since.

That worries her mother who says the teenager has been without the Lithium and Wellbutrin they say she needs to remain on an even keel.  "She's been on the drugs  for two years--both of them," says her mother, Victoria Thebes. "And she is a danger to society where my daughter could hurt somebody and think about it after the word--after the fact."

Thebes says her daughter has shown an interest in gang-like behavior.  "She was joking with me one time that she claims she's in the Bloods, but yet she wears all red. She does throw up gang signs. She hangs at the Weilers and the police banned her from the Weilers."

Thebes says she wants her daughter home safely and soon.

Posted 11:40 PM, Saturday, October 5, 2002

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