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'Roadcheck 2007' Gets Going with Random Truck Inspections

BOWLING GREEN -- It's happening on roads today across the United States, Canada and Mexico: truckers pulled aside by authorities -- all in the name of safety.

It's also happening in our area along I-75 in Bowling Green. These annual blanket inspections are thorough -- even taking into account Homeland Security issues such as cargo.

But it's mostly about nuts and bolts concerns and the individual behind the wheel of a rig.

Lt. John Cross of the Ohio State Highway Patrol will spend a lot of time on his back over the next 72 hours. He's an inspector taking part in "Roadcheck 2007."

"Can I see your left turn signal? Right turn signal?" are just some of the questions Cross will be asking.

"Roadcheck 2007" promotes both safety and security on North American highways through the inspection of commercial vehicles and drivers. Truckers like Zak Slocum of Cleveland are randomly pulled off the roadway at weigh stations for inspection.

"I think it's good. Why? because it keeps the dangerous vehicles off the road. I gotta drive next to them, too," Slocum said.

And there are problems. Last year's 72-hour safety sweep in Ohio resulted in 600 vehicles and 160 drivers pulled off the road for various violations.

"If there's a problem with the brake system, that would automatically put the vehicle out of service. Lights. Drivers who've driven too many hours put the driver and vehicle out of service," Cross said.

Luckily for the drivers, mechanics stand by to repair the rigs so truckers can hit the road.

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