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Protesters Want T-shirts Pulled from K-Mart's Shelves

WEST TOLEDO -- Dozens of angry people joined together Sunday to protest a t-shirt.  Protesters showed up at K-Mart on Alexis Road with a letter and a petition filled with hundreds of signatures.  They want the store to pull what the store calls an "attitude shirt" they feel promotes violence against children and adults.

At first glance, it looks like an average kids' t-shirt with comic-book-type characters on it.  In the first panel of the shirt, it shows a boy presumably arguing with a girl.  In the second panel it shows the boy has pushed the girl down, with the slogan "Problem Solved."

Pat Rizzi says that message is far from child's play.  "It's teaching them to solve problems with violence, is what it's teaching them," said Rizzi.  "These are marketed as young as size 4."

That's why Rizzi and others have been trying to convince K-Mart to remove the shirts from its shelves since December -- to help bring an end to the same domestic violence that has affected them.  Pat's daughter, Michelle, was killed 7 years ago by her abusive husband.  "She was a victim of abuse," said Rizzi.  "Her husband was abused when he was young and the cycle just goes on and on and on."

Danielle Davis and her 8-year-old son are both survivors of the same cycle, and would never wear or condone the behavior shown on the shirt.  She also joined in the protest.

Some K-Mart stores have pulled the shirts, saying they respect the concerns of their customers.  Pat and Danielle want more than that.  "Unless they do a national recall and start requesting them to be brought back to the stores and announcing that they will not be selling them anymore, than I don't believe they've been pulled permanently," said Davis.

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