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City to Make Major Announcement on Southwyck Mall's Future

Southwyck Mall, seen from above. Southwyck Mall, seen from above.

SOUTH TOLEDO -- 35 years ago, the Southwyck Mall development at the intersection of Reynolds Road and Glendale sparked business and residential development all around it. Ironically, in recent years, the decline of Southwyck Mall has killed off much of the coat tail business activity it helped create. But an announcement by City of Toledo leaders and developer Larry Dillin may help change that trend.

Dillin and Mayor Carty Finkbeiner are expected to announce most of Southwyck Mall will be torn down and rebuilt as "The Village at Southwyck." Rebuilt in ways similar to the successful Levis Commons mall project in Perrysburg, the lifestyle, "urban village-type" plan could include residential and office space in addition to retail.

Raj Lealh runs the Tandoor Indian Restaurant across the street from Southwyck. For many years, Tandoor thrived on the traffic generated across the street by Southwyck. "When it was lively over there, it was lively here. When it declined there, it declined here," said Lealh. Lealh is glad to hear Southwyck could be a booming complex once again.

Jone Smith remembers when Southwyck and Reynolds Road was the place to be. After seeing the decline, Smith can't wait for the mall's redevelopment. "It would be great for the retailers around here who are biding time trying to figure out what to do," said Smith.

Kim Gogel lives in Perrysburg and loves the Levis Commons complex. Kim believes a similar formula would work for Southwyck. "Levis Commons is a little Pleasantville. A little village. Makes people want to spend all day there," said Kim.

Tony Lyons lives in the Hawthorn Hills neighborhood just behind Southwyck. Tony says years of decline at Southwyck has left the neighborhood looking empty. If developers follow through with plans, Tony says he plans to walk to the new Southwyck. "I think it's a decent idea. Anything to make a difference over there is going to help," said Tony.

Nearby residents also believe a new Southwyck complex will spike property values. Residents also hope Monday's announcement is "it," and Southwyck will no longer be a political football.

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