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Finkbeiner Leads in Mayoral Race

TOLEDO -- Who will be the next mayor of Toledo?  Voters will decide in a primary next month and the general election in November, but if exclusive News 11 poll results are any indicator, it may well be Carty Finkbeiner who wins his office back after a 4-year break.

News 11 teamed up with Stanford Odesky and Associates who asked 300 likely primary voters several questions surrounding the race. It's the same criteria we used last May in a similar mayoral poll.  Here are the results:

Is the city better off?
Better: 12%
The same: 32%
Worse: 52%

Do you approve of Jack Ford's job as mayor?
Approve: 25%
Disapprove: 52%
Undecided: 23%

If the election was held today, who would get your vote?
Carty Finkbeiner: 39%
Jack Ford: 17%
Keith Wilkowski: 9%
Rob Ludeman: 8%
Undecided: 27%

Margin of error: +-5.7%
Source: Stanford Odesky and Associates

News 11 gave the results of our poll to all the mayoral candidates today to get their reaction.  We caught up with former mayor Carty Finkbeiner rallying his campaign troops. Finkbeiner says our poll results are similar to research they've done and he's pleased to see voters leaning his way, and he's happy with the progress of the campaign.  "That reflects, I think, on the fact that we're doing a lot of door-to-door work. We have a lot of yard signs going up in neighborhoods and perhaps people are remembering eight years where we were producing jobs and self-confidence level in the city," said Finkbeiner.

Despite News 11 giving all candidates the same exact information before asking for interviews both in May and now in August, Mayor Jack Ford again refused to go on camera with us. His campaign did fax us this statement which says in part, "We expected a very competitive election and that's just what it is."  The statement goes on to say they are "...confident that Mayor Ford will be re-elected in November."

Keith Wilkowski along with the three others didn't have a problem going on camera. He tells News 11 he's happy with the results of the poll and how far he's come. He says people want a change from the past 12 years of city government.  "It's my challenge to let people know who I am between now and election day, and once i do that and people know they have an alternative, I feel very good about the potential for being successful in this election," said Wilkowski.

The only Republican in the race, Rob Ludeman, says his goal is to get the conservatives out to vote in the primary, and that he's very much optimistic about the race after looking over our results.  "Given the margin of error and the undecided vote, you're going to see a bit of a fight between Keith, Jack and Rob for second place spot. Things can change also at the top spot between now and the election," said Ludeman.

Stan Odesky, who did this market research, tells News 11 one of the interesting things to watch between now and the primary will be how the undecideds firm up their decisions especially with three democrats in the race -- Finkbeiner, Ford, and Wilkowski.  Odesky tells News 11 the debates are very important for the candidates and the voters for several reasons.  "One will be the large undecided vote and can we have it off the dime. The other will be for a candidate to hold on their base support," said Odesky.

News 11 is sponsoring a Mayoral Debate on Tuesday, August 30 at 8:00pm.  Have a question you'd like to ask?  Click here to ask it!

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