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Bidding on Jesus Pierogi Way Up

Here's what it looks like. Here's what it looks like.
The family posted the pie on eBay. The family posted the pie on eBay.

POINT PLACE -- Bidding is now over $1,500 for a pierogi that some say has a vision of Jesus Christ on it.  Since the auction was posted about six days ago, bidding has gone from zero to $1525, with at least 16 different bids placed.  Three bids have been disqualified.

Donna Lee has kept the pie with the image of Jesus frozen in a plastic bag since that Easter in April. She first noticed it while cooking pierogi's. "The last one I flipped over was Jesus, so I flipped the spatula, and my husband goes, 'What? There's Jesus!' and he goes, 'Oh my God!'" said Donna. Her husband agreed, saying, "There's a face on our pierogi and we choose to believe on Easter it's Jesus."

The image of Christ was on one of 12 pierogi's that came from the store. For the uninitiated, a pierogi is a Polish delicacy made up of a pouch of dough filled with a savory filling like meat, cheese, or vegetables, and cooked by boiling and then pan-frying. It's very similar to a dumpling. "They're usually browned one side and browned on the other but this one was the only one that didn't brown on both sides," said Donna. "It's very special and they've made a joke of me since April, so I don't know, it just means a lot to me."

Both Donna and her husband were born and raised Catholic. They pray daily and also understand that some would consider this pretty bizarre.

Last fall, a woman sold a grilled cheese sandwich with a vision of the Virgin Mary on eBay for $28,000 dollars. The Lees are hoping to have similar results. As of 8:00am on Sunday, they had received 16 bids for the Polish pastry with the divine touch. The highest was for $1525.  Several people, along with Golden Palace Casino are involved in the bidding. The casino is the same one that bought the grilled cheese sandwich last fall.

Three bids were disqualified by the person running the auction for the Lees.  The bidders in those cases were said to not be communicating properly.  More than 42,000 people have looked at the auction, making it one of eBay's more popular.  There are also several auctions on the site mimmicking the pierogi.

Count on News 11 to follow this story as it develops, and we'll have the results once the auction ends at 1:00pm Monday afternoon.

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