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Sex Scandal At High School

TOLEDO -- For the second time in two months, there is a sex scandal at a north Toledo High School. A teacher at Woodward High School is accused of having sexual contact with a student. 

The teacher is suspended with pay while the district and detectives investigate. One 18-year-old student has come forward, and police say there could be more victims. Investigators will not say if the alleged sexual activity between a 25-year-old female teacher and an 18-year-old male student... Happened on or off school grounds. 

TPS officials say the investigation started Wednesday. Police sources tell News 11 they're investigating reports that the teacher may have made sexual comments or had sexual contact with other male students.

In September, a male Woodward High School teacher was suspeneded after a 16-year-old girl said she was touched inappropriatey. According to the police report the, "Victim stated that suspect hugged her and grabbed her breast." "The suspect also rubbed the inner thigh of victim"

No charges have been filed in either case, but detectives and district officials continue to investigate.

Posted 5:00 pm Friday, November 5th



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