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New Terror Warning

TOLEDO -- A new warning that Al-Qaida might be plotting another attack inside the United States. The target is veterans hospitals.

The Department of Homeland Security has released a new terrorism bulletin claiming there have been reports of suspicious activity at veterans affairs hospitals around the country. The nearest V.A. hospital to us is just up the road in Ann Arbor, where police are stepping up security.

Despite the warning, people here say life must go on. "When you have to go someplace, you can't be afraid to go there. We have to come to the hospital. Let's hope nothing happens while were in there, or anyone else is in there," says one visitor.

The Ann Arbor V.A. hospital confirms police are stepping up patrols, but other than that, they're sticking with the upgrades already in place since September 11, 2001. That includes things like video surveillance, and checking identification at the door.

Posted Friday, August 27, 2004 at 6:08 p.m.

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