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Man kills ex-girlfriend, son in Lake Twp. shooting

Amber Jones and her son, Jorge Duran III, were both killed in the shooting. (Photo Source: Facebook) Amber Jones and her son, Jorge Duran III, were both killed in the shooting. (Photo Source: Facebook)

LAKE TOWNSHIP, OH (Toledo News Now) – Five people were shot Tuesday night around 9:30 at the Eastpointe on the Mall apartment complex in Lake Township. Police then shot and killed the suspect after he opened fire on them.

Police say the shootings were fueled by a relationship break-up. They say suspect Jorge Duran Jr., 24, and Amber Jones, 26, were the parents of 3-year-old Jorge Duran III and had recently broken up.

Lake Township Police Chief Mark Hummer confirmed two of the five shooting victims have died: Duran's ex-girlfriend Jones, and their young son, Jorge. Three other victims remain hospitalized with significant injuries. Their names have not yet been released.

According to police, Duran showed up at Jones' apartment to pick up his son and then fatally shot her. Police say he then took his son to another complex where Jones' possible new boyfriend lived and knocked on the door. When the door opened, Duran barged in and started shooting, wounding two men and a woman inside, plus killing his son.

The frantic 911 call initially came from inside the apartment and sounded like an armed break-in.

"We had an armed suspect. We knew we had gunshot victims. We had the 911 reports indicating there were multiple gun shot victims," said Hummer.

When police arrived, they say the situation was much more complicated. Officers ran into a man in the parking lot, who had been shot. When they ventured further, they came face-to-face with armed Duran. That is when police say bullets began to fly between Duran and officers. 

"Obviously we had a very complex crime scene with two different apartments, and then a parking lot exchange between the officers and the suspect. So it was very controlled chaos," said Hummer. "Preliminary investigation shows that the officers acted in an exemplary manner, and brought this horrible event to a sudden end."

Police are still gathering evidence and notifying the victims' families. All three wounded individuals remain hospitalized.

911 tapes

Audio of the 911 tapes from the night of the shooting were released Wednesday. They tell the story of several witnesses, and even one victim, calling for help.

Female Victim: "A guy came to the door, knocking, we opened the door and he just started shooting as us."

Dispatch: "Ok, you don't know who he was?"

Female: "I do not know who he is. My son has been hit in the head and the stomach. I've been hit in the arm. We need an ambulance here now!"

Later, gun shots are heard as another woman attempts to describe what is happening at the scene to dispatchers.

Female: "They're shooting again! They're shooting again! Oh god! (screams) (gunshots) (screams) Oh my god! Somebody is hurt."

Dispatch: "Ok, we're hurrying, we're on our way, we've got everybody on their way, ok? How old are your kids?"

Female: "They're five and four and I think whoever it is, I think we know who it is because the little boy who came in with is son and he left him in there and I think he shot him too."

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