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Tiffin Girl Raises Money, One Cup at a Time

TIFFIN -- One Tiffin girl is taking a "sweet stand" against cancer. Seven-year-old Christi Thomas is raising money for pediatric cancer research, and she's doing it by selling lemonade.

Despite the rain, friends, neighbors, and community members gathered around a lemonade stand Friday to help with Christi's crusade.  "They've done so much and been through so much that it's nice to give a little back and help them through the troubles they've been going through," said Tiffin resident Sarah Hannah.

Although you'd never be able to tell by looking at her bright, smiling face, Christi Thomas has neuroblastoma, an aggressive form of childhood cancer.  "It's really brought home the message that how precious how every day is and to make the most of it," said her father, Shayne Thomas.

Christi decided to run a lemonade stand to help her friend eight-year-old Alex Scott of Philadelphia raise money for cancer research.  "So they can help kids get better so cancer would not take so long to do... like years and years of treatment," said Christi.  "So far, Alexis on her own as well as with friends helping around the country has raised just over $500,000 dollars and we're hoping to make a sizeable contribution from Tiffin today," said Christi's mother, Angela Thomas.

All morning long, Christi poured lemonade, and all morning long, the donations kept coming in.  Christi's mother says her daughter is doing better. Her cancer's not gone, but they have hope a cure will be found, even if they have to fight the disease one cup at a time.  By the end of the day, she had raised more than $2600 dollars.

Alex Scott began her lemonade stand four years ago. This year, she took it nationwide with a goal of $1 million dollars.  Christi Thomas's stand is one of 300 across the US.

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