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Ex-smokers say e-cigarettes are a healthy way get nicotine fix

SYLVANIA TOWNSHIP, OH (WTOL) - The electronic cigarettes is, what users say, is a healthy way to get your nicotine fix without the negative side effects of tar and additives.

The Revolver Vapor Lounge in Sylvania Township is a new place to buy them and smoke them as well.

"It doesn't make your breath stink, doesn't make your clothes stink. It's just a lot better for you. I feel better when I smoke it. I don't cough," said Brooklyn Beaver.

Inside the e-cig is a cartridge that heats up, turning the nicotine solution into a water vapor when a battery is activated. The vapor is then inhaled and mimics the act of smoking.

Cartridges come in seventy different flavors.

"It tastes good. I use the fruity flavors like the strawberry. I like the flavor and the taste" said Brooklyn's sister Rachele Beaver.

Everybody that was at the lounge was an ex-smoker and call themselves 'vapors.'

Angela Fallon says she smoked two packs of cigarettes a day for twenty years before turning to e-cigs a year ago.

"I was having trouble breathing. I found with this I still get my nicotine but none of the harmful side-effects," said Fallon.

However, there is debate about the health benefits of e-cigs. Some states have banned them, but not Ohio.

The Federal Drug Administration has taken e-cig manufacturers to court.

"They wanted to regulate it as a new drug delivery device. They lost. Now they're trying to regulate it as a tobacco product but that's still in the works," according to Revolver Vapor Lounge Co-Owner Matt Smith.

The e-cig is not sold to anyone under eighteen years old. Smith says starter kits start at $45.00 and then pay $5.00 for a package of five cartridges. He says each cartridge is equal to a pack of cigarettes.

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