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Waterville's post office will close

WATERVILLE,OH (WTOL) - Coming as a surprise to residents, the United States Postal Service says the Waterville location will close, effective May 27th.

The USPS says it was unable to reach a new lease agreement with its landlord. 

"The Postal Service's financial situation right now,  we lost 8 and half billion dollars last year, and we just can't afford to pay more than the fair market value," said David Walton, USPS spokesperson.

Walton says the "emergency suspension" is unrelated to USPS downsizing.

"We wanted to stay put in Waterville, but we couldn't come to terms. It's not like we purposefully let this lease expire so we'd have to move as part of the overall plan for the post office to try to downsize. That's not the case here," says Walton.

The USPS says home mail delivery will continue in Waterville, however, letter carriers will work out of the Maumee Post Office on Ford Street effective Friday, May 20th.

On Friday, May 27th, the Waterville Post Office location will close its doors. Its 176 P.O. Boxes will be moved to the Maumee Post Office.

Residents say they had no idea the Waterville Post Office was closing.

"Oh, how disappointing, that will be such an inconvenience, now especially with gas prices," said Waterville resident Gloria Kaucher.

The Waterville Gas Co. Has had a P.O. Box at the Post Office for decades.  Waterville Gas Co. secretary Jamie Black says he learned on his own his P.O. Box was moving to Maumee.

Black says they mail 6,000 bills a month through the Waterville Post Office location.

"The ripple effect of this is going to be pretty significant. The Waterville Gas Co. is going to succeed, we'll continue to grow, but its going to be obviously an added cost, but more than anything else its just going to be a huge inconvenience," said Black.

Walton says the USPS will be looking for another location in Waterville, but he is not sure how long that will take.

He says the USPS will notify P.O. Box holders and put up signs in the store front.

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