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Toledo Sex Club

TOLEDO -- A private sex club called Secrets is no longer a secret. The city of Toledo is investigating whether a swingers club in south Toledo is in violation of zoning laws.

What's going on inside a building along Hill Avenue has neighbors asking questions. One neighbor who didn't want to be identified, said "Everything is very secretive over there, very secretive." Another neighbor, named Connie said, "It's kind of shady over there, there's people in and out that you don't like the looks of."

There's no sign, but an underground swinger's club at the corner of Byrne and Hill called Secrets has been operating there since June.

The News Channel called a number that was posted on the front door to find out more. The man who answered directed us to an internet website. Once there we found out everything we needed to know and more. Secrets caters to couples interested in all levels of swinging. It offers erotic dancing with a 'hands on' approach. And you can join online for a certain fee.

Toledo city hall wants to know more about. Steve Herwat is director of the planning commission. "It's not that the business itself is illegal, it's that it's located within forty feet of a residential area. These businesses have to be at least 500 feet away from a residential area, church, school, park, playground. And they cannot be within a 1000 feet of another adult use," said Herwat.

Herwat questions whether the nightclub is far enough away from other adult businesses, like Deja Vu Gentlemen's Club, which is located just across the street.

Also at issue is whether or not the nightclub obtained the right building permits. Neighbors say there was major construction this past summer and the club advertises jacuzzis on its website. But there is no record of any change of use permit, nor new building permits with the city.

The city of Toledo will investigate the club. Violating zoning laws is a criminal violation. If found guilty the club owner could face fines or imprisonment.

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