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The Cost Of Prescription Drugs

TOLEDO -- More help is on the way for seniors and others who are trying to save money on prescription drugs. The backers of a program aimed at helping those in our area cut costs had an update Wednesday on the effort which began about 6 months ago.

We know the city of Toledo and northwest Ohio governments received some private companies together to get this up and running. It's a program to buy canadian drugs. Since it began in March, supporters say it has saved northwest Ohioans an estimated $65,000.

On Wednesday, those boosters went over the program again saying that people can do this in person by getting a special pharmacy card. They noted that people can realize the best savings by ordering from Canada through the mail. "It is a group of close to 20 communities throughout northwest Ohio," says city councilman Wade Kapszukiewicz  

The cost savings can be enormous. As an example, Tamoxfin which costs $180 for a prescription can be one-seventh the cost under the new effort.

Posted 7:00 p.m. Wednesday August 13th

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