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iDosing: Frequencies making noise all over the web

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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - There's a new "cyber drug" making the rounds.

It's called iDosing. It's completely legal and easy to find just by surfing the internet, but doctors say don't be fooled: it's dangerous.

It's a frequency frenzy making noise all over the web. It's music that has been engineered to try and change the way your brain waves work, making you feel like you're getting high without breaking the law.

The iDose Experience is all over YouTube, with teens and young adults showcasing their reaction.

Dr. Tim Valko is a Toledo psychiatrist. He often deals with troubled teens and he's concerned about the effects of iDosing. "Anything that messes around with your brain chemistry in a negative way is not a good thing."

Young people simply download specially designed music, put on their headphones, and relax, as sounds are piped through each ear.

The music essentially tricks the brain into a false reality, causing the user to hallucinate. The visions can get downright scary.

"You do actively think you are seeing people coming at you with knives. Fireballs and demons coming at you. Walls crumbling around you and nothing is happening. Those can be very frightening," Valko said.

That's where the danger begins. Dr. Valko says iDosers can have a violent, even deadly reaction to those visions when they can't separate fantasy from reality.

"You think someone is coming after you with something dangerous, so you kill them before they kill you," Valko said.

And there's more trouble. iDosers who are predisposed to mental illness, like schizophrenia, could speed up and intensify the effects, doing irreversible damage.

Users also run the risk of opening the gateway to heavier and more frequent drug use.

Valko says, "If you enjoy something like that, you are gonna want it more intensely. So you will go to the next substance."

There a several, perfectly legal websites that allow users to download an iDose frequency, for a price. Some are even free.

All the sellers claim the product is 100 percent safe.

Dr. Valko says parents need to be vigilant, watching for signs, asking questions, and getting involved.

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