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FTC proposes internet version of 'Do Not Call' list

WASHINGTON (WTOL) - The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is proposing an internet version of the 'Do Not Call' phone registries.

In a report released Dec. 1, the commission endorses a "Do Not Track" system that can forbid companies to track an individual's internet browsing activities.

Many advertisers track browsing activities to then target ads to that individual. For example, if a person completes a search for flower delivery or visits a web page for flower delivery, then ads may show up by companies that deliver flowers.

The FTC also endorsed a specific technology to implement the "Do Not Track" system. They would like a setting added to internet browsers, such as Internet Explorer, that would allow a person to simply check a settings box saying whether they want to be tracked or not.

The report stated that companies, when left to self-regulate privacy, were not doing enough.

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