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Central Catholic students want fired teacher back

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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A Central Catholic High School teacher has been fired after 28 years.

Brian Clark, a social studies, history, and psychology teacher, was fired a month into the school year. Controversy over his firing has gone cyber.

More than 500 students are rallying behind Clark, a past winner of the prestigious Golden Apple Award from the Toledo Catholic Diocese. They say they are shocked the school has not rehired Clark.

They don't know why he was fired. They say knowing Clark's character, they can't understand why the school would want to let him go.

Students this week started a letter writing campaign in support of Clark, a teacher they say changed their lives.

"He is one of the best parts of my experience of Central Catholic High School," Rachel Armstrong, a former student, said.

He is the same Brian Clark who came close to winning an Extreme Home Makeover from the ABC TV show. When he didn't get selected, students threw a concert to raise money for a home makeover.

At the time, Clark said he was, "Very, very grateful... We're grateful the things that they've done, from the roof on down, are things that we just couldn't do."

And once again students are rallying behind Clark. Several students have started a Facebook group. It already has more than 500 members.

Supporter Armstrong is urging former students to write letters to the school and the board of education.

"I think it's important for me to do everything that I can to write my own letter in support of his character to contact other students that I know who respect him as a teacher and as a person," Armstrong said.

Central Catholic responded saying: "To respect the privacy of Mr. Brian Clark we wish not to comment on the situation."

"If it came out that Brian Clark had done something that would warrant being released from the school, I would be shocked," Armstrong said.

News 11 tried to reach Clark for comment but didn't make contact with him.

Clark has hired an attorney and plans to go before the school board next week.

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