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Toledo man who shares name with infamous baseball umpire receives harassing calls

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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Jim Joyce, a major league umpire from Toledo is still big news Thursday night after he botched a call on the last out at the Tigers' game Wednesday night and cost pitcher Armando Gallaraga a perfect game.

That call prompted a bunch of other calls which caused big trouble for a Toledo man who wasn't even at the game.

"I was watching it in our family room," said a different Jim Joyce from Toledo. "We're Tigers fans, so we were disappointed as well."

But Joyce's disappointment quickly turned to frustration, then fear. Fans upset with the umpire Joyce's call heard announcers say the umpire was from Toledo and started calling the other Jim Joyce who's listed in the Toledo phone book.

"I would guess 40 would be conservative," Joyce said. "They were coming in...four or five at a time it seemed like, with call waiting and everything."

Somebody even posted his name, address and phone number on Facebook. Thursday morning the misidentified Jim Joyce had to cancel his home phone service.

"Everybody was pretty irate quite honestly," Joyce said, describing the calls. "A lot of them are vulgar things. Some of them were funny about me needing new glasses but then they'd follow it up with vulgarity as well."

Insults and threats meant for the umpire have given the other Jim Joyce a new appreciation for that job.

"I feel sorry for the real Jim Joyce umpiring, because that had to be a tough deal. It sounds like he did the right thing and I've learned there are a few people out there that take things very seriously with sports."

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