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EcoTrack 11: Rain gardens address storm water runoff

By Chris Vickers - email | bio

Posted by Lisa Strawbridge - email

(WTOL) - Storm water management is always an issue when it rains too much too quickly. The University of Toledo has explored an environmentally-friendly option to help address the issue.

Its not just a garden, but a natural way of treating storm water runoff. "Rain gardens are a green solution to treating not only the quality of storm water runoff, but the quantity," said Hans Gottgens with UT Environmental Sciences.

"It may not seem like this little garden can do much, but it's the message that matters," said Gottgens.

Instead of storm water running directly into the river, rain gardens are useful for storing that water, filtering any pollutants.

Gottgens told us, "It is really intended to be an educational resource as well as an environmental resource."

As students pass by, they may not even notice the compete function of the garden. "As a symbolism of the filtering capability of the fairly small rain garden, we designed the garden in the shape of a kidney symbolizing the function a kidney would have in the human body."

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