A state bill may save Davis-Besse nuclear power plant

A state bill may save Davis-Besse nuclear power plant

TOLEDO (WTOL) - A new Ohio House bill may be the final chance for lawmakers to find a way to keep the Davis-Besse nuclear power plant in Ottawa County open.

The legislation piece would create a new program within the Ohio Air Quality Development Authority to give permissive authority to value carbon-free energy generation and grant companies a new subsidy to offset operations.

For First Energy, it could be the key to emerging from bankruptcy and keeping their two Ohio nuclear power plants operating. If approved for subsidies, energy companies would be awarded around $9 for ever mega-watt hour of carbon free energy produced.

With so much talk over the last two years of the importance of carbon-free energy, officials are expecting this bill to be on the fast track.

But even if the bill passes it does not guarantee Davis-Besse will remain open, although it does lay the groundwork.

“The value that this legislation would give to carbon free Ohio generators, I think that the state is on a very good path to being able to find a collective solution to preserve Davis-Besse here in Ottawa County as well as the Perry Power Station over in northeast Ohio” Jamie Beier Grant, director of the Ottawa County Improvement Corporation, said.

There is no current timeline setup for the bill to move forward. Meanwhile, First Energy said their deadline on deciding whether they will be refueling the Davis Besse nuclear power plant is on June.

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