Veterans Park back open after flooding concerns

Veterans Park back open after flooding concerns

TOLEDO (WTOL) - Crews cleaned up at Veterans Park in Rossford on Monday after flooding over the weekend.

The park was closed because the parking lots were completely underwater.

Veterans Park back open after flooding concerns

“When we get sustained northeast winds for a long time, the water will come over that back wall right there,” said Todd Kitzler, Chief of Police in Rossford.

Debris was picked up throughout the park, and Rossford police said that it has been flooding more frequently. Like many areas along the river in northwest Ohio, Veterans Park experienced flooding and problems with ice jams back in January and February. There was no extensive damage to the park but flooding continues to happen, particularly in the parking lots.

“It’s been happening more than in the past. It’s just weather patterns. It does get pretty deep in here and you can’t really tell where the parking lots stops and where the river starts so that’s why we close it,” Chief Kitzler said.

The park is open right now. The street department was able to safely clear the marina.

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