TPD officers suspended for abuse of authority

TPD officers suspended for abuse of authority

TOLEDO (WTOL) - Two Toledo police officers were suspended while another one was reprimanded for engaging in an altercation on a New Year’s Eve incident, according to police records.

Officers Bradley Knapp, Adam Hobbs and Eric Draper responded to a 911 call that night on the address input by their communications department that turned out to be wrong. Joseph Bunker, a civilian, opened the door and informed the officers they were at the wrong place multiple times, according to Toledo Police Department.

Still, Knapp pointed his gun to the civilian in spite of the fact that Bunker was “visibly in the porch doorway and had no weapon.” Additionally, records show Hobbs shoved him away and entered the porch, where another civilian, Jeff Bunker, had been sitting in a lawn chair.

Knapp grabbed the civilian on the porch and placed his rifle on the man’s chest. The man tried reacting but was stopped by Knapp at the same pace Draper “assisted him by using a control technique to release Jeff Bunker’s grip,” police records said.

Documents show Knapp and Hobbs are under a 30-day suspension without pay for abusing their authorities and Draper was reprimanded for engaging in the altercation and failing to complete paperwork regarding the incident.

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