First Alert Weather: Temperatures rising, showers expected

First Alert Weather: Temperatures rising, showers expected

TOLEDO (WTOL) - *Wednesday: East Breeze

*Thursday: Big Warm Up

*Weekend: Improving for Sunday

Winds will turn easterly late overnight. Temperatures will drop into the 40s near daybreak and struggle to warm up through midday. Highs near 60 degrees will come in the late afternoon and evening hours.

A big warm up is expected Thursday. There is a chance to reach 80 degrees. Along with the warm up will come a chance of showers and thunder.

Rain and cooler weather is likely Friday and Saturday. The outlook for Easter Sunday is brighter and warmer.

Tuesday night: mostly cloudy, east breeze. Lows in the 40s.

Wednesday: mostly cloudy, east breeze with a slight chance of rain. Highs near 60 later in the day.

Thursday: breezy and much warmer, chance of showers/thunder. Highs upper 70s.

Friday: mostly cloudy, rain likely. Highs in the 50s.

Saturday: a bit windy, rain likely. Highs near 60.

Sunday: partly sunny, warming up. Highs near 70.

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