University of Findlay to display art by Alzheimer’s patient

A new partnership in Findlay is raising awareness to the various services they offer for people with Alzheimer’s Disease.

University of Findlay to display art by Alzheimer’s patient

FINDLAY, OH (WTOL) - The University of Findlay’s Occupational Therapy department partnered with multiple local organizations to go beyond the current standard of care for patient’s with Alzheimer’s disease, including the educational program “Awakening Minds Art.”

“The fact that there is support and hope out there, and that when a village really comes together we can really help to improve the quality of life for people facing a chronic illness such as Alzheimer’s,” Lindsey Buddelmeyer, assistant professor of Occupational Therapy at UF, said.

Three pieces of art created by Sandy Errett and her husband John Errett were unveiled Monday.

Sandy was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 2014.

This process of creating artwork contextualizes how families deal with Alzheimer’s disease and represents how the extended care has improved their lives.

“What this process has done is helped us take a look back at where we’ve been in life, and where we’re at now, and then plans for the future,” John said.

The artwork will be on display for current and future Occupational Therapy students to see and hopefully instill in them an appreciation of what the therapy process can do for patients.

“It’s not about us. But it’s about the help that’s out there for other people and that’s what we would like to promote at this time,” John said.

The artwork will be on display over the next month at the Mazza Museum before moving to its permanent home at the University of Findlay’s adaptive living house.

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