soul city boxing

soul city boxing

TOLEDO (WTOL) - Soul City boxing is in its 11th year. Their mission: To get kids off the streets and out of trouble.

But their gym is over-crowded and they need help expanding.

Imagine a packed boxing room filled with kids as young as five.

They start with a warmup. Anything from jumping jacks to dance moves, but what they are learning is bigger than boxing.

“The most important thing about this program is this is where all the kids that get in trouble come. A lot of places don’t accept them so this is a great place for them. It helps them stay off the streets and keeps them busy after school and it teaches them how important it is to have a high GPS," said Soul City Co-founder Roshawn Jones.

But here they are accepted and some that had gone down the wrong path are now getting back on track.

“A kid actually got suspended 10 times in one school year. Once he got into our program he stopped getting suspended and got on the honor roll,” explained Jones.

Shawn and Neshay Bradford are brother and sister. Soul city has strengthened their relationship.

“It did a lot because me and my sister fought a lot so my mom decided to put us in the gym so if we were going to fight it would be other people instead of each other."

Upstairs is packed also, so the down stairs a new room is under construction.

A ring, boxing bags, and more will soon fill the new room. But gym needs help.

Soul City has set up a go fund me account. They have a goal of $5,000 and you can make a donation here.

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