Texas House approves bill legalizing lemonade stands

The bill would legally let kids operate lemonade stands in Texas.

Texas House approves bill legalizing lemonade stands
Children with lemonade stand (viafilms)

Author: Tegna

Published: 7:01 AM CDT March 22, 2019

Updated: 7:01 AM CDT March 22, 2019

Pint-sized entrepreneurs in Texas may soon have the law on their side the next time they go to set up a lemonade stand.

House Bill 234 would block cities and counties in the Lone Star State from enforcing or adopting ordinances that stop children from selling lemonade, or other non-alcoholic beverages, while on private property or in public parks.

The measure, filed by Fort Worth Rep. Matt Krause, would also make it illegal for kids under 18 to need a license, permit or fee to occasionally sell lemonade.

The proposal comes after a number of instances across the country where kids had their lemonade stands shut down or faced fines for not having the right licenses or permits. Lawmakers in Colorado recently approved a similar bill.

Opponents say the bill could be too broad, potentially creating an unintended loophole for the unregulated sale of items needing special storage, according to a bill analysis from the Texas House.

Texas House lawmakers overwhelmingly approved the measure this week, 144-2.

The bill now goes to the Texas Senate. If approved, it would take effect on September 1.

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