Large tire dump uncovered along Blanchard River in Findlay

Large tire dump uncovered along Blanchard River in Findlay

TOLEDO (WTOL) - The work to lower flood levels continued in Findlay on Thursday.

Besides being scheduled to keep going until September, the work has also cleared up thousands of pounds of old tires as well.

Since November crews have been excavating and grading away the north riverbank of the Blanchard River between Corey Street and Broad Avenue in Findlay.

The benching, as it’s called, will even out flood waters here instead of in higher populated areas, and is expected to lower a 100 year flood mark by a full foot.

And recently, crews uncovered a large tire dump here, so far removing 70 tons of rubber.

Project manager Steve Wilson said his crews were aware that some old tires were buried there but not as many as they found.

He said they are only about 70 percent the way through the dump until they hit clean dirt.

The tires are being shipped to a recycling facility in Tiffin.

The lowering of the riverbank is the first major excavation project since the 1930's, when engineers filled in a large oxbow in the river here.

"When they did that, they filled the banks quite a bit higher, so basically we are just removing that overburden of the high banks. And increasing the capacity of the flood plain by removing the material that was dumped in there over the years." said Wilson

And despite some work delays in February due to water levels being a little high, this benching project is still on schedule to be completed this Fall.

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