Special election less than a week away, early turnout low

Special elections preveiw

TOLEDO (WTOL) - There is a lot of background information heading into the special election concerning both ballot initiatives: Keep the Jail Downtown and the Lake Erie Bill of Rights.

All information on the ballot initiates can be found here.

Language in both ballots, can be difficult to understand and includes a lot of legal jargon. The details of what's on ballot will be posted at all poling locations before you vote.

"I would tell people read it more than once, don't be in a rush, take the time to go to the website and print it out so you have it for election day," Board of Elections Director LaVera Scott said.

The first issue "Keep the Jail Downtown," is whether or not all new or renovated jails in Toledo should be required to be built in a certain district downtown. If you vote "yes," this would make that change to the city charter.

The next is described as the Lake Erie Bill of Rights. The group supporting it says, if you vote "yes" it wants to reduce pollution by giving the body of water more protections in court by adding the language into the city charter.

So far early voting, which began on January 29, has seen a low turnout.

"400, over a little more than two weeks, even 500 is a low number in reference to people who come to the early vote center to vote," Scott said.

The early voting center will have limited hours over the weekend. The election will take place on Tuesday the 26.

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