35-year-old Toledo man becomes Eagle Scout

Navy veteran tried in 2001 but was turned down

35-year-old Toledo man becomes Eagle Scout

SYLVANIA, OH.- If there’s a moral to this story it’s got to be never give up.

Joel Whitcomb didn’t and at 35 years old can now proudly call himself an Eagle Scout.

The moment he had been waiting for for 17 years finally occurred on Sunday night when he was awarded his Eagle Scout badge.

He thought he’d get it back in 2001 based on an essay he wrote on proper usage of the internet.

But a Board of Review denied him his dream.

“It was just one of those things. I always thought I was an Eagle Scout. I should have been awarded it in 2001,” said Joel.

Then the 9/11 terrorist attacks happened.

Joel joined the Navy to serve his country.

Flash forward to last April when he told former University of Toledo Military and Veterans Affairs director Haraz Ghanbari about some unfinished business: becoming an Eagle Scout.

Mr. Ghanbari said go for it.

“I think our story is never done being written until we want that story to be done. I would encourage folks to never lose hope,” said Mr. Ghanbari.

Joel wasn’t ready to give up.

“Finish a journey I felt like I was at but never able to do," said Joel.

That journey is now finished.

A Scout Board of Appeals awarded him the prestigious Eagle badge based on the same rejected internet project.

“I feel good. Feel like it’s an opportunity to close a chapter I felt was incomplete," said Joel.

The Scout motto is be prepared.

This proves Joel Whitcomb has been prepared to be an Eagle Scout for eighteen years.

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