Walleye are prepared for winter weather on All-Star weekend

Walleye are prepared for winter weather on All-Star weekend

TOLEDO (WTOL) - How appropriate that our First Alert weather team is tracking a winter storm leading into Toledo's biggest weekend for the city's coldest sport.

Walleye are prepared for winter weather on All-Star weekend

There’s a lot going on downtown this weekend surrounding the ECHL All-Star Classic.

“First time we’ve ever hosted the ECHL All-Star weekend and we’ve got all kinds of activities lined up Friday through Monday. We start off with Fanfest at Hensville. We’ve got Brewfest at the ballpark here. We’ve got our Hall of Fame luncheon at the SeaGate Center, and it all wraps up with the first ever ECHL All-Star game on Monday night to ever be played in Toledo,”Director of Events Mike Keedy said.

There are 3,000 people expected to turn out to Brewfest., which is outdoors, under the concourse with heated lamps.

The Walleye said they’re not worried about the weather.

"No surprise to us that it could snow in the wintertime. We’re really excited. It would add a little more festivity I think to the weekend, and we’re prepared. People need not worry. Everything that they want to do, we’ll keep people warm and safe and we’ll have a good time,” assured Keedy.

The events are expected to go on no matter the weather, especially since they’ve been in the works for so long.

“The countdown is on! We’ve been planning this event for over two years, so you can only imagine how internally excited we are to have the whole community enjoy this big event," Director of Communications for the Walleye, Andi Roman, said.

Tickets are still available for Brewfest and for Monday’s All-Star game.

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