Toledo Edison says don’t touched a down power line, even if you think it’s dead

Toledo Edison

TOLEDO (WTOL) - With the weather getting colder and wind speeds picking up, power outages and down power lines are becoming more common.

And even though you may think a down power line is dead, there’s a chance it’s carrying high amounts of electricity, or touching something that could put you at risk.

“Even if you know it’s a cable or a telephone line, there could be a line down upstream or downstream away, a power line that’s touching that phoner cable that’s carrying voltage now, so just please stay away from it,” said Chris Eck of Toledo Edison.

Another question answered: How can you tell if you’re standing too close to a down wire? Professionals at Toledo Edison say, listen to your body.

If you notice heart is beating fast or you feel more energy, stop and back up.

Additionally if you notice a down wire or an electrical problem, report it immediately, even if you know someone else near your home has.

“The more people who call the better it is for us because then we’re moving that outage down to where we call fuses in the field,” said Mike Ressler a nightshift supervisor.

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