15-year-old charged with rape of two 12-year-old girls

Some incidents allegedly took place on Vermilion school campus

15-year-old charged with rape of two 12-year-old girls
(Source: Vermilion Police Department Facebook page)

VERMILION, OHIO (WTOL) - A 15-year-old Vermilion high school student is being held at the Erie County Juvenile Justice Center for allegedly having sexual relations with two 12-year-old girls.

Vermilion police told the local newspaper, the Sandusky Register, that the teen has been charged with five counts of rape, due to the ages of both girls.

"A mother found some text messages on her daughter’s phone,” Detective Dan Shupe told the Sandusky Register. "We interviewed the daughter, who admitted to having consensual sex on four different occasions.”

Police also discovered that three of those occasions happened on the school’s campus, before and after school. The other time happened at the girl’s home.

The Sandusky Register reports that the Vermilion superintendent, Philip Pempin, has acknowledged the alleged sexual assaults occurred on school property.

“Unfortunately, it occurred in sections of our campus, and this isn’t an excuse, but it’s a challenge to have supervision on the entire campus especially before and after school,” Pempin said. “We try to have adults around the entire campus, but there are some area’s that are remote.”

According to the Sandusky Register, the school district sent a letter to parents on Tuesday to inform them of the investigation and reassure them that the safety of the students was the school’s top priority.

“We have an open-door policy with our students here. If they see or hear something they’re encouraged to report it. We feel, for the most part, they’re comfortable opening up to our staff,” Pempin said. “We’re going to continue to make sure we’re monitoring our students.”

The boy has been suspended and the proceedings to have him expelled have started.

“We realize that these are serious and disturbing allegations and we’re doing everything we can to ascertain the truth and respond accordingly,” Pempin said in the letter.

Police also learned of another girl who also said she had consensual sex with the boy.

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